FIFA World Cup 2022

Congratulations to Russia on winning the bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and to Qatar for 2022.

It appears Australia may have been eliminated in the first round of voting at the Zurich Convention Centre at 16:30 (Local), 02:30 Fri 3rd December(AEDT).
Yes, of course, there will be bitter dissapointment at Australia’s loss, but it should be noted that whist we won’t be hosting the competition in 2022, we should keep faith with the values of competition and of sport itself. With echoes of the words of Baron Pierre de Coubertin (father of the modern Olympic Movement), it is not so much the winning that counts but rather that of being a participant.
Australia should be proud of our bid and the efforts of our sports officials and representatives for their work to bring this much valued prize in sport to our shores.
All is not lost. 
There should be no doubt that sometime, maybe not in our lifetimes, Australia will host the FIFA World Cup. We must remember the dissapointment of Brisbane bidding for the 1992 Olympic Games, and that of Melbourne bidding for the 1996 Olympics. Australia kept bidding, and we eventually won with Sydney for the 2000 games. However, with the rotation between regions, Australia may not get it’s chance now for another generation, probably in the 2030’s. 
We should  feel sorry for FFA Chairman Frank Lowy, who at such a late stage in his life, had his dream shattered of hosting a World Cup in this, his adopted country. 
Sydney was an integral part of Australia’s bid.

The dissapointment particularly for Sydney, is that this once confident city of the new millennium, of such wonderful memories of the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, has again failed to secure a bright events driven future. If anything Sydney needs a big event to regain it’s confidence as a world city, a place to be, a place famous for hosting world events. 
Sadly that confidence, and goodwill has been squandered over the past ten years. It is time now for Australia, and in particular, Sydney to look to hosting another world famous event.
That event is World Expo.

(Peter Konnecke – Editor)

Update 1 Official
Australia Eliminated in Round 1 with 1 vote. Qatari officials seen in celebrations before vote officially announced. (Source: Guardian Newspaper)

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