FIFA World Cup – Volunteer Stories – Luciane

I applied to be a FIFA volunteer after a great experience I had when I was living in Vancouver, CAN, where I worked at the Media Centre for the FIFA Men’s U20 World Cup in 2007. I was able to apply my multilingual and Journalistic skills for ten days that I had worked there. In 2010, I also worked at the FIFA FanFest in Sydney and the Special Olympics in Newcastle last year, so with the Cup happening in my home country, I couldn’t say no.
I applied to volunteer last year, but I already had faith that Australia would qualify. And I got even happier when Australia was among the teams that would play in my home town, Porto Alegre.

Luciane FIFA Brasil 1

Once again, I was part of the Media Operations Department, dealing with professionals from all over the world and from places that I never thought would be interested in our part of the country, like Thailand and Taiwan.
Among the volunteers, there were people who had travelled from countries like Peru, Canada, Germany and Turkey.
The day Australia played against the Netherlands, was the best. The Socceroos showed amazing football, and the crowd – a mix of orange and yellow – was cheering every pass and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful sunny day. It was the day that Tim Cahill scored what the international press labelled as one of the top five goals in the tournament.

Group FIFA Brasil 1

It was also the day that I bumped into Craig Foster and Les Murray (Les took off before I could grab him for the photo).
As I’m deeply involved with Football, I went to Rio to take part on a Forum about Football for Women, and during my spare time, I was able to pay a visit to Flavia at the Rio 2016 HQ in July.
After Brazil, I’m now preparing to volunteer at the AFC 2015 in Sydney in January.

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