John Fahey facing battle to win Presidency

JOHN FAHEY’S planned presidency of the World Anti-Doping Agency
is in doubt.

Mr Fahey suffered a backlash when 27 European sports ministers
failed to support him at a meeting in Lisbon, following the
dramatic withdrawal earlier in the month of the planned EU
candidate, Jean-Francois Lamour of France. “It is now a little
confusing,” Mr Fahey told the Herald yesterday.

(from the SMH 27 October 2007)

My view is don’t under estimate him. He has won a big battle like this before. I seem to remember a famous vote back in September of 1993 (and his victory leap). He loves his sport and to me that is the single most important factor. If you’re not focussed on sport how can you honestly do the job. (Peter).

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