London 1 Year to Go !

Today marks 1 year to go until the London 2012 Olympic games.

Australia’s Olympic hopefuls are in training or competition at home and around the world, be it at the World Aquatic Championships in Shanghai, the Diamond League, or in training venues.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Wilkes

London is in good hands with the venues being 85% complete. Most of the venues yet to be constructed are just requiring temporary fit out.
At the moment I feel Londoners are going through their pre-Olympic jitters with some newspaper polls showing poor support amongst the community. That will change London once the Olympic Flame arrives and travels across the country.

Lets all hope 2012 is a much a success as Sydney was in 2000.

Good Luck and Bon Chance to organisers, workforce, volunteers, and the people of London and Great Britain.

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