London’s New Brand and Logo

I took the opportunity to post a comment on London’s Weblog today in support of the new brand and logo. Whilst it might not be all of our “cups o tea” – it’s not hard to remember the days when Sydney’s logo was thought of as a chook waiting for it’s demise.

– Peter

Post to London Weblog as follows –

Congratulations on the logo launch.

Within it, I see a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and sizes, (representing all of humanity, it’d be pretty boring if we were all the same). I also see stylised shapes of the continents of the world, representing all of the Olympic Movement.

Like most things new and modern it takes time for it to grow on you. In Sydney many initial comments made about our logo said that it resembles a chicken or a cockatoo. Nevertheless it grew on people, and it was hard to see people at the games not wearing it some way or another. Rest assured your logo will grow in popularity and and you’ll wear it with pride, it is but early days in your journey.

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