Rainbow Warrior anchors in Canary Wharf


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via London 2012 blog by David, Head of Environment and Sustainability at 2012 on 21/10/08

One of the pleasures of working in our offices at Canary Wharf is the view afforded over a great sweep of the Thames and the occasional sightings of special ships passing through. This week we arrived to the sight of  anchored at South Quay, in full view of our office. This is a boat with history. It even has an Olympic connection; back in 2000, the Rainbow Warrior anchored in Sydney Harbour during the Olympic Games and one evening Greenpeace Australia hosted a reception for the IOC’s Sport and Environment Commission on board. As a volunteer with the Sydney 2000 Environment team at the time, I too managed to get to the party, so it was especially nice now to see the ship in our own back yard and to have the chance to get reacquainted. A ten strong posse from LOCOG and the ODA went down to the quayside at lunchtime. The Greenpeace crew were at first a bit puzzled by our mass interest in their ship but after a bit of persuasion, the Captain invited us all aboard for a chat and a tour on and below deck, as well as the obligatory photos.


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