Remember Sydney 2000

Our resident poet Vera Rothwell has been at it again writing another excellent poem recapturing the Spirit of Sydney during the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Do you remember that night in September,

When all of our dreams came true,

When the horse reared on high against the night sky

And the world was enthralled – where were you?

Were you part of the crowd, cheering out loud?

Feeling your heart burst with pride?

Or were you watching at home with family around?

Feeling that warm glow inside.

Did your heart skip a beat when the flag was unfurled

To flutter so high in the sky?

When the athletes marched in did you feel that the world

Should always be on the same side?

Did you rise to your feet when the Aussies marched in?

Was there a quiet tear or two?

At what we’d achieved, all the work we’d put in

Did it mean that much to you?

When the crowd roared as one to welcome the Flame

Did you feel it’s warmth in your heart?

When Cathy stepped forward did you shout out her name

Then pray for the damn thing to start?

Do you think back to that time and “remember when?”

People were friendly, trains ran on time

Do you sometimes wish we could go back to then,

And follow along the blue line.

So, do you remember that night in September?

Does your heart still swell with pride?

I’ll never forget, I’ll always remember

It will be with me till I die.

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