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Queens Baton Relay – Newcastle NSW

Kurt Fearnley, Paralympic, World and Commonwealth Games champion carries the Queens Baton for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Newcastle NSW.

Olympic Torch Relay – PyeongChang 2018

Australians carry the Olympic flame for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in South Korea. Each were winners of a ballot from Samsung a presenting partner of the Olympic Torch relay.

Sydney 2000 bid buses – back on the road

Sydney 2000 bid buses are back on the road. Well temporarily at least. A series of liveries have been put on six buses to celebrate the 80 years of Sydney Buses.

What will happen to the volunteer name poles

The real question surrounding the rebuild of the Olympic Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park is whether or not the volunteer poles containing the names of each volunteer from Sydney 2000 will remain on the site or will they be destroyed and removed and never replaced.

South Steyne Ferry seeking a new home

The South Steyne is seeking a new home after an 8 month absence from Darling Harbour. The ferry was the site of Spirit of Sydney Lunch gatherings until late 2014, but was discontinued as a venue for the group due to unexplained price rises.


Read the SMH story on the fate of the South Steyne ferry



2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Volunteering



Applications for Volunteering at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games open on 6th February 2017. Be sure to mark this date in your calendar.

You can only register your interest on the official website via the link below. Then from February 6th apply directly on the official website.

Rio 2016 Village News – Spirit of Sydney

Spirit of Sydney members Barbara and Laurie Smith have been featured in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Village News. See image.

rio 2016 village news barbara and laurie smith olympic games experience

Spirit of Sydney – Turkey NOC Website

Spirit of Sydnery Member Barbara Smith has appeared on the National Olympic Committee of Turkey’s website.


Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – Volunteer Program

GOLDOC (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Organising Committee) has posted an update on their volunteer program on their website at :

Follow the Olympic Flame to Rio 2016

Click on the link below to see posts from the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay. (via Twitter / Periscope and Vine)

Follow the Olympic Torch Relay


Portuguese Phrases for Rio 2016

By Courtesy of the Australian Olympic Committee here are some common Portuguese phrases to use when in Rio.






Saying hello
• Bom dia – Good morning
• Boa tarde – Good afternoon
• Boa noite – Good night
• Como vai? – How are you? (formal)
• Bem, obrigado (men) or obrigada (women) – Fine thank you
• Tudo Bem? – How are you? (informal)
• Oi, tudo bem? – Hi, how are you? (informal)
• Tudo bem, e você? – Yes, everythings good, and you?
• É um prazer conhecê-lo – It’s a pleasure to meet you

Saying goodbye
• Tchau! – Bye (informal)
• Até logo! – Goodbye (formal)
• Até amanhã! – See you tomorrow

Other useful phrases
• Obrigado (male), Obrigada (female) – Thank you
• De nada (informal), Não há de quê (formal) – You’re welcome
• Onde está … – Where is …
• Que horas são? – What time is it?
• Compreende? or Entende? – Do you understand?
• Não entendo – I don’t understand
• Fala inglês? – Do you speak English?
• Este senhor pagará tudo/ Esta senhora pagará tudo – This gentleman will pay for everything/This lady will pay for everything

Local experssions
• Lindo maravilhoso! – (or linda, maravilhosa) literally means beautiful, marvelous, and is used to mean amazing, fantastic, really awesome, etc.
• Fique tranquilo – It means literally, stay calm or be calm, and it is a common way for Brazilians to help one another to deal with stressful situations. It conveys optimism and caring
• Fala sério! – This means, you’ve got to be kidding! The direct translation is talk seriously!
• Estar com a macaca – the literal translation is “being with the monkey”!! It means to be bad tempered
• . . . pra caramba! – This is used at the end of a sentence to magnify or exaggerate whatever is said. For example, if you say “I was late” (Eu estava atrasado), you can also say, “I was really, really late” (Eu estava atrasado pra caramba!)

General sport terms:

• Olympic – Olímpicos
• Paralympic – Paralímpicos
• Athletes – Atletas
• Sports – Esportes
• Ball – Bola
• Game – Jogo
• Fast – Rápido
• Slow – Devagar
• Let’s go! Come on! – Bora!
• Class, quality, skill – Categoria

Sport by Sport: 
• Archery – Tiro com Arco
• Artistic Gymnastics – Ginástica Artística
• Athletics – Atletismo
• Badminton – Badminton
• Basketball – Basquetebol
• Beach Volleyball – Vôlei de Praia
• BMX Cycling – Ciclismo BMX
• Boxing – Boxe
• Canoe Slalom – Canoagem Slalom
• Canoe Sprint – Canoagem Velocidade
• Diving – Saltos Ornamentais
• Equestrian Dressage – Hipismo Adestramento
• Equestrian Eventing – Hipismo CCE
• Equestrian Jumping – Hipismo Saltos
• Fencing – Esgrima
• Football – Futebol
• Freestyle Wrestling – Luta Estilo Livre
• Golf – Golfe
• Greco-Roman Wrestling – Luta Greco-Romana
• Handball – Handebol
• Hockey – Hóquei sobre Grama
• Judo – Judô
• Marathon Swimming – Maratonas Aquáticas
• Modern Pentathlon – Pentatlo Moderno
• Mountain Bike – Ciclismo Mountain Bike
• Rhythmic Gymnastics – Ginástica Rítmica
• Road Cycling – Ciclismo de Estrada
• Rowing – Remo
• Rugby – Rugby
• Sailing – Vela
• Shooting – Tiro Esportivo
• Swimming – Natação
• Synchronised Swimming – Nado Sincronizado
• Table Tennis – Tênis de Mesa
• Taekwondo – Taekwondo
• Tennis – Tênis
• Track Cycling – Ciclismo de Pista
• Trampoline Gymnastics – Ginástica de Trampolim
• Triathlon – Triatlo
• Volleyball – Voleibol
• Weightlifting – Levantamento de Peso